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The 7 Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Pack

Published on November 17, 2018 by admin

Safety Pin – Something as small as a safety pin might not seem that essential, but imagine this scenario: You land in Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport. You get washed up in the restroom, you finally make it through passport control, and you’re ready to call your taxi driver who you’ve already booked. You take out your phone, and you’re so on top of things that you even have your SIM rental to make Israeli calls. You’re about to put in the SIM, when you realize you can’t open the SIM drawer in your phone! If you had just put a safety pin in the inside of your shirt, then you’d be good to go! Enough said.

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Converters/Adapters – You’re going to a foreign country, and you don’t want to be stuck without battery! Whether for your laptop or for your phone, it’s rare that your apartment or hotel will have electricity adapters available. Converters are also usually overlooked. Electronics actually have voltage limits, and items used without a converter may be damaged if they need the voltage powered down.
Ziploc ™ bags – Not just for sandwiches! What most travelers don’t realize is that Ziploc™ bags are life savers when it comes to traveling. Putting your cosmetics and toiletries in Ziploc ™ bags will ensure that you arrive in Israel with a clean, dry suitcase. VacationJerusalem offers laundry and dry cleaning services in case you don’t follow this advice! Pack your “spillers” in your bag, knapsack, or carry-on without worrying, even while traveling around Jerusalem.
Cash – You might be relying on your credit card for payment when you travel around Jerusalem, but it’s important to always carry some cash with you. When you arrive, it’s best to convert your money to shekels right away, even if the exchange rate at the airport is not the best! Why? When you first arrive, you’ll either need to hire a taxi, sheirut (shuttle), or tip the driver of your prearranged ride. You might run into credit card issues when you first arrive, as some companies may block international transactions unless (and sometimes even when) they’ve been notified in advance of your travel plans.

Earplugs – These little guys come in handy not only for your flight, but also when you’re traveling around Israel. You’re likely to be on longer bus rides, whether on a private bus or an Egged bus. You’ll want to be able to tune out some of the noise, so you can catch up on your sleep or at least rest in transit. Wax earplugs also come in handy for other practical uses. You can stick some of the wax into the inside of your passport to hide some extra cash or even some jewelry.

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Pashmina – (What’s that?!) Glad you asked! A pashmina is a wide scarf made from wool or other fabrics. A pashmina is very useful in Israel for several reasons. The Jerusalem nights are generally cooler than the days, and throughout the course of the day the weather can shift unexpectedly. If you are traveling outside of Jerusalem, the weather can range from desert winds to intense humidity. This extra layer is an essential piece for anyone that wants to keep warm in style. Not only does the pashmina act as an extra layer for warmth, but there are plenty of sites you might visit in Jerusalem that are heavily populated by religious groups. In these areas, such as the Western Wall, it is respectful and sensitive for female travellers to cover their arms and hair for modesty. Lastly, when traveling on buses, the pashmina easily doubles as a makeshift pillow or neck support.

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