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Travelers need more time.
More time to relax. More time to enjoy. More time to discover.
We’ve been working on the vacation scene for years and are experts on your needs — Apartment rentals, WIFI, phone, dry cleaning, or simply surprising your birthday girl!
VacationJerusalem is a one-stop-travel-shop born to simplify your life. Find all the services you need for your stay in Jerusalem in one place, with professional and knowledgeable staff who want your trip to be smooth and easy.

We pride ourselves on unmatched customer service from start to finish. Finding yourself in a foreign country can be unnerving, so we try to make you feel at home. Rest your sea-legs in a comfortable apartment with all the necessary amenities and relax knowing you’re being taken care of by VacationJerusalem.



Feel at Home

Come to Jerusalem knowing you’re being taken care of properly — just like home.

More Choices

Our apartment database is full of the hidden gems in Jerusalem rarely found anywhere else.

Lock in All You Need

With this one-stop-travel-shop, VacationJerusalem provides you with all the services you need for your stay in Jerusalem